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eBay Selling Problems *SELLERS BEWARE*

Hi Guys & Dolls πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›β€οΈ

Right! I’m going to get straight to the point here. So recently I opened up a new eBay account, mainly to sell my clothes & shoes I no longer wear or that my children have grown out of. Most of my clothes and shoes are branded and so are my children’s. I thought why not earn some money…Who doesn’t want extra money? I began to read online blogs and reviews & found from most people it would be best to build my eBay feedback score up to gain trust from sellers before I start selling, So that is what i done, Basically purchased things like house hold goods from cleaning products to even moisturizer! So far, so good…😬

I have now built up a small feedback score so here I go let’s begin to list my items…

I washed and ironed all my clothes and clothes ( didn’t iron the Shoes lol ), Took really nice presentable clear pictures for my listings and wrote an accurate description for each item. ( god it took a while! ). After I finally listed my items, I found myself addicted to checking the amount of watchers and views each item was getting lol. Don’t Know if that normal for a new seller but I certainly couldn’t help it lol. πŸ‘šπŸ‘•πŸ‘–πŸ‘”πŸ‘ πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ž

Then after 2 days of patiently waiting, MY FIRST SALE!!! YES I GOT A SALE!!! Now even though it was only Β£9.99, I was excited!! I was reallllyyyy excitedddd!! Eeeeeeeeek!!! I went on and wrapped the item up in wrapping paper bought from eBay (member, I needed to build up my feedback lol ) Then placed it in my postage bag, I even printed off a Thank You message for the buyer lol, Then off i went to post it. So the next few days I patiently waited for feedback on my first sale to acknowledge the buyer had received the item and was happy with it (Well I know it was received from the tracking i provided, If you take one thing from this, TRACK EVERY ITEM YOU SEND!! SO… YES!!! I received my FIRST POSITIVE FEEDBACK as a seller! I  was so genuinely happy!!! 😬

Now it has been a few weeks and i have sold about 9 items! WOW! The only downside to this is PayPal holding my money pending for 21 days. But not really an issue as I guess buyers need protection from sellers who don’t follow eBay policies. So far, so good…😬

I received an email through to my iPhone and I could see the first line…BUYER HAS REQUESTED A REFUND. Oh no! Quick open the message! I could not believe what I was reading. The buyer has issued refund on the basis Item Not As Described! Not as described, Are you actually kidding me? He has claimed he received the ARMANI Shoulder bag with tobacco in it, not described correctly and different to photos. My stomach was turning as I was reading it, not because he wanted a refund, because the absolute lies he was telling, I do not even smoke! The comments really hurt and I could not help taking them personally. I know I take a lot of time washing, ironing, photographing and writing accurate descriptions of each individual item and very carefully packaging them. I don’t accept refunds as basically i am a private seller, I describe every item and take lots of pictures detailing everything, So as a buyer i think you need to take responsibility in checking everything and also messaging me for any more details if needed, which i do state.

Anyway, beside all that it looks like i have no other option but to accept the return! Even though I am very angry at this point because I feel like eBay are violating my policies, We have to abide by eBay policies which i understand, So why are my policies totally ignored? Anyway, I accept the return! Day 7, still no bag, Day 14, still no bag! I contact the buyer, No reply! Day 19, Parcel arrives ( YAY! ) Oh not YAY! I have received an empty package!! Fast forward all the telephone conversation with eBay me explaining the situation, The outcome is the buyer receives a refund, A FULL REFUND! I can not believe eBay customer service staff are able to get away with speaking to customers in the manner they do. I work in a call centre and would not dream of speaking to any customer the way eBay staff do, Also calls are recorded I would get sacked! I thought, Maybe I have just been unlucky and got through to a miserable sod, I’ll try again. Nope! No help what so ever, it is like they are reading scripts of a computer because they don’t seem to listen to your concern, just reel off eBay policies! 😑

Few days on, I have managed to accept there is nothing I can do so move on. As for my future selling on eBay i am very wary of selling high-priced items, the reason for this is, 1. The problem i have just described, Basically a buyer can claim Item not as described and get the item for free 2. You have no rights in accepting returns or not 3. There is no seller protection 4. I have no say in who i sell my item to as I can’t block buyers with no feedback. I can totally understand the issue everyone has to start off with no feedback, What I do not understand is eBay not having a policy in place to protect sellers from buyers who can so very easily setup multiple accounts and get items for FREE!

So my overall experience has been Good and Bad! But leaves me very wary selling other items if I am honest. If anyone has used any other selling platforms please get in contact I would be very grateful. Even if anyone has any information that can help sellers in my situation? Even though I don’t think anyone has helpful information to this issue because the bottom line is…


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